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    BS Jacquard Wrap (diamond weave) - Zen *SOLD OUT*

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    This is a wraparound carrier which has no rings, belts, buckles or buttons -- just a world of carrying possibilities for you and baby!

    Zen was the name chosen for this wrap in a competition we held in early October 2012. The winners definition of Zen was --- the perfect marriage of colours, elevating one to a higher level of contentment.

    To us, Zen is amazing coolness/calmness! It can also be defined in many ways such as:
    ~ A total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind, a way of being, a state of mind. Complete and absolute peace....

    So we’d like to believe that the wrap is very Zen-like! And when you wear it, you get your moment of Zen :-)
    ~ Made from 100% natural cotton yarn
    ~ Surface Weight: 205g/m2
    ~ Exclusive & Luxurious Handloom woven wrap with diamond jacquard weaving pattern
    ~ Fabric & special weave provides superb support and stretch for comfortable carrying
    ~ Provides just the right diagonal stretch for comfortable carrying
    ~Material is soft, cool, comfortable, breathable, durable, resilient and ideal for use in hot and humid climates
    ~ Tapered ends, Double hemlines on all sides to make sure fabric stays in shape
    ~ Suitable for newborns and can be worn up to toddlerhood.
    ~ Comes in 2 lengths: Standard (4.7m) and Maxi (5.4m)
    ~ Width: 71cm (28")
    ~ Comes with a chic drawstring pouch made from the same material

    NOTE: This product is exclusively handloomed. There may be small irregularities which is expected in the fabric such as colour differences, uneven weaving, weaver's knots, nubs/slubs, runaway threads etc. These are NOT flaws or defects and does not affect the safety & quality. These naturally occuring variations only makes it special. The level of artistry and intricacy achieved in handloom fabrics are unparallel and unique, which makes it worthy to be passed from one generation to another.

    ~Fabric is washable by hand or machine.
    ~Cold wash separately
    ~Place in a mesh bag or pillow case if machine washed. Put on gentle cycle
    ~It should be line dried
    ~Do NOT bleach