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    Bebe Sachi LE - Rebung *SOLD OUT*

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    Rebung, named after the Pucuk Rebung (which means Bamboo Shoot) represents a young bamboo with strong foundations at its root. This is a traditional jacquard weave. At approximately 240 gsm, this baby is cushy, airy, moldable and perfect for warm weather. It stretches diagonally so perfectly. This wrap has so much of what we love about handloom wrapped up in its beautiful design. The rebung patterns of blue and white are sandwiched and interwoven together creating an air pocket effect between them. This is the uniqueness, which can only be achieved to perfection in a handwoven. Woven by our Khadi weaver who can only be described as pure genius and a master weaver!

    The Rebung motifs are popular and often used in other works of art in our Malaysian culture and heritage – Sculptures, Drawings or Paintings, Batik prints, Songket weaving etc. The iconic skyscraper building in Kuala Lumpur aptly named, Rebung, also inspired the design. Its special curvilinear structure has its references in the work of the Malaysian sculptor Latiff Mohidin, the Pucuk-Rebung, that represents a young bamboo with strong foundations at its root. We do feel that it is reflective to what Bebe Sachi is - young but with very strong foundations.

    Available in the following sizes:
    Size 1 (2.2m), Size 2 (2.7m), Size 3 (3.2m), Size 4 (3.7m), Size 5 (4.2m), Size 6 (4.7m), Size 7 (5.2m)
    Width : 30 inches

    NOTE: This product is exclusively handloomed. There may be small irregularities which is expected in handwoven fabric such as colour differences, uneven weaving, mild shade variations, knots, slubs, runaway threads etc. These are NOT flaws or defects and does not affect the safety & quality. These naturally occuring variations only makes it special. The level of artistry and intricacy achieved in handloom fabrics are unparallel and unique, which makes it worthy to be passed from one generation to another.

    Tester Reviews:

    “Rebung - Beautiful colours and weave that just captivate you from the get go... this is supposed to be jacquard I believe but feels so different from some previous jacquard releases from BS. Has a sponginess to it that is great for the shoulders, with nice bounce and stretch. Soft & moldable as moldable can be, this is great for newbies as passes are smooth and dont stick, even though the weave has texture to it. Medium thickness. When u actually caress the fabric, it almost has a gauze-like quality to it in a good way, but is much much thicker than any gauze wrap. Airiness is out of this world. Has the trademark rails, one blue and one white.”

    “Beginner friendly, moldable, smooth glide, right stretch. Wraps like a tamer Twilight, oh, and AIRY. Indah the wrap is thick as Anggun the wrap. I used to love taming beastly wraps because I love challenges. But nowadays, with the rare up moments, I prefer tamed wraps, no patience to break in wraps. But this is the very perfect blue that I wish Etini comes in, cobalt-ish, which looks good on most. Chest pass was super easy because of the glide. The weave is very intricate, yet very easy to handle. I just love the colors so much!!

    Use & Care Instructions:

    ~Fabric is washable by hand or machine wash with a laundry bag on delicate cycle
    ~Cold wash separately
    ~ Line dried (DO NOT tumble dry)
    ~Do NOT bleach