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    Bebe Sachi - Polly (Size 4) *SOLD OUT*

    Price:  RM490.00

    Meet Polly, our third design in the Bebe Sachi Coral Series wraps. Polly is thicker than the other Coral series released – Nemo & Alveo but still retains the airiness and cushiness characteristic which is evident in all our wraps. It stays true to the concept of producing a soft out of the bag wrap, suitable for anyone.

    It is no secret that Rita, Azizah and their families are passionate about the environment, especially the fragile diverse coral reef ecosystems. Although corals are often referred to the “rainforests of the sea”, they are infact animals known as Anthozoa! The body unit of the animal is called a polyp (this is where the name Polly has come from). A polyp buds to produce another until eventually a colony develops. In hard corals, the skeleton is composed of calcium In soft corals, although there is no skeleton, calcium does help toughen their body.

    Polly really reflects the beautiful colours of soft coral often photographed in waters with limited natural light. Visions of soft, gentle swaying corals engulfed largely by a blue hue. But hints of pink and purple sneak out too. In Polly we have our signature teaching rail, in a bright blue.

    Wrap Qualities:
    100 % cotton
    Diagonal weave
    263 gsm
    30 inches wide

    We believe this to be a beautiful medium wrap perfect for a ruck but also great which in multi-layer carries. It is soft out of the bag, and does not require much to "break in", suitable from the newborn to toddler.


    “The colours are fun and cheery! Wrapping qualities – Polly is soft to the touch, sturdy but easy to wrap with for such a new wrap! I managed to get a very secure double hammock out of the size 4 and it did not move!! I walked for a minimum of 3.5 miles with my heavy toddler and Polly stayed still the whole time. Every wrap job I did was easy and always good (I believe this to be less fluke and more wrap), the weave allowed for tight chest passes and tight wrap jobs.” Amy Young, UK

    "Polly is Nemo's bigger more rugged Sister! It catches sunlight like oil in a puddle and the rainbows shine through" Emma Palmer, UK