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    Bebe Sachi Khadi - Meranti (Size 3) *SOLD OUT*

    Price:  RM1,330.00

    Bebe Sachi’s newest Khadi baby wrap is named after a tropical tree called Meranti (scientific name: Shorea). Meranti is a rainforest species native to Southeast Asia. The heartwood varies from pale pink to dark red in the light and dark red groups, and from white through straw to yellow in the yellow-white groups. The actual Meranti wood grain would often display an attractive ribbon like pattern much like our Meranti Khadi wrap! The name is meaningful to us as it is brings to mind strength, beauty and perpetuity. It is natural, authentic and real, traits that we strive to achieve at Bebe Sachi. Every Khadi we produce speaks to us in a way that makes it feel like we are on a continuous journey of discovery!

    Bebe Sachi Khadi are a handwoven baby wraps made from handspun genuine natural cotton. Our weaving process gives our Khadi wrap an extraordinary texture and finishing that is soft for newborns yet supportive for toddlers. An all-weather wrap that adjusts to the climate (hot in winter and cool in summer), Khadi is available in a range of colours and designs. Because of our weaving process, each Khadi wrap is one of a kind and gives you a unique carrying experience, making it a true unicorn wrap! Usually, a wearer’s first reaction to our Khadi wrap is “Wow!” (But we’ll let you be the judge of that!)
    • Bebe Sachi Khadi is an exclusive and authentic range of wraps
    • Handspun and made from 100% handspun genuine natural cotton
    • Unique texture, soft and has a natural elastic feel (perfect diagonal stretch) which is also breathable and resilient
    • Suitable for newborns and can be worn up to toddlerhood
    • Double hemlines and tapered ends
    • Lengths: Size 3 (3.2m)
    • Width: 30 inches (76cm)
    • Estimated surface weight: About 300g/m2 (this may vary due to the unique handspun Khadi yarns)

    About our Khadi wraps:
    Khadi is a traditional weave. The Khadi wrap weaving process itself is very slow because the Khadi yarns have to be handled with care. Even an experienced and good weaver takes about an hour to produce 1 yard (which is less than a metre!). Suffice to say that each Khadi wrap is made with a great deal of love and respect for those who wear it as well as the creative artisans who made it. 'Khadi', also known as 'khaddar', refers to a coarse homespun cotton cloth. Bebe Sachi Khadi is made specifically for babywearing. It is NOT the same as any other Khadi which is meant for clothing. Uneven weaving, mild shade variations, weaver knots, loose threads and slubs are normal characteristics of handwoven fabrics. These are not flaws or defects and do not affect the safety and quality of the wrap. These naturally occurring variations is what makes it special and gives it character. A word of advice: If you are picky about how your woven wrap looks, a handspun and handwoven wrap may not be the best wrap for you.

    Bebe Sachi Meranti Khadi tester reviews:
    “Meranti. This is perhaps the best Khadi yet, in ease of use and wrapping qualities. It’s as though Natty v1 or v3 had a baby with Twilight. Much like how Sparkleberry is to Pavo. Just the right everything.”

    “Elasticity recoil... whatever you call it, all Bebe Sachi Khadis have this magic. But it is best experienced with Natty lite, Natty v1 and Meranti.”

    “I feel like the three little bears. I first fell hard for Bebe Sachi's handspun and handwoven Khadis. Merantis are juuust right. We were lucky enough to help break in this tester and hiked for over an hour with my 20lb 1 year old and she sat there comfortably, even falling asleep for half of it. A thicker wrap, it would be a little warm under the sun but in the shade its girth was manageable. Once completely broken in I know these Merantis will be ever so supportive and moldable. Beautiful work of art!!!”

    “Had to put DD up straightaway in Meranti Khadi – it is divine! It feels a little more solid than my Natty v1 or lite, but not as stretchy. It feels comparable in thickness to my v1, perhaps a bit thicker. In terms of wearing (Khadi at least) it is so incredible on the shoulders. Perfect support, cush, stretch, bounce, thickness. If I could only have ONE wrap it would be this. And I’ve got Pamir, Uppymamas, Pavo, Didymos, Oscha, Cotton Cloud as well as tried a number of handwovens and machine wraps. So I do not say that lightly. So fabulous! Perfect for my soon to be 3 year old DD. I adore the khadi fibers and I think that the differences help to make these wraps extra beautiful."

    “The colors are beautiful and the contrasting rail is both stylish and functional. It's very cushy – I am sure I could have worn this wrap with my toddler for a full nap or more. It isn't easy to wrap precisely because in addition to being stretchy it is also very grippy, but the cush seems to make up for that. I'm sure more familiarity with the wrap would allow for greater precision. It's not a wrap I'd recommend for new wrappers or for wrapping small infants, as I prefer thin and moldable wraps in that case, but for toddlers when you have to wrap quickly it's probably close to perfect. The nubby, raw texture is what makes Khadis unique and special, but it would be a negative for anyone who prefers a smooth wrap with lots of glide. It actually bears some resemblance to upholstery fabric in appearance and texture, which could be a drawback to some, but for those who appreciate the beauty of the handmade and natural, this will be a sought after wrap."

    “The colours are, well, AMAZING. Meranti is like Khadi's hippy love child....wild and unstructured, yet refined and artsy. There is really nothing like it that I've wrapped with before.”

    “This Meranti tester just arrived and I quick wrapped baby in a double hammock. First impression is it has the most unique heavy, floppy feeling to it. Super easy to wrap yet has the support of Twilight, but with more texture!”

    ‪“You see it in pictures and think ‘That's unusual, I like that!’. You touch it in your hands and think ‘Ooooh, that's nice, different, I really like that!’ You wrap with it... then you think ‘My stars, I am IN LOVE’. Someone tries to get you to take it off, and you want to hurt them! You have been bitten by the magic of Khadi!”‬

    “Wraps like a second skin and melts into your body like it was never there; never bulky, never hot, just pure awesomeness.”

    “I thought I got it – the hype, the adulation, the cravings... then I tried on a Khadi for the first time. Then I knew I hadn’t gotten it! Nothing prepares you for the thick but yielding, coarse but pliable qualities of this thrice-blessed fabric. Dear Hubby thought I'd gone batty with my ooh-ing and ahh-ing and insane sparks shooting out of my eyes.”

    More geekery about our Bebe Sachi Khadis can be found here.