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    *LE* Bebe Sachi Jacquard - Ratu *SOLD OUT*

    Price:  RM265.00

    "Ratu" is the name chosen for our latest Bebe Sachi Jacquard design -- graceful, classy, enchanting just like a Ratu (Queen). In Malay language and Javanese culture, the title Ratu is the traditional honorific title to refer to the queen. In this modern age and time, Ratu is truly a celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women in their various roles.

    ~ This is a Limited Edition produced in very limited quantities. ~ 100% cotton
    ~ Surface Weight: 210g/m2
    ~ Exclusive and luxurious handwoven wrap with big diamond jacquard weaving patterns. A beautiful combination of black and red with distinct royal blue rails. This is a double faced fabric that provides just the right amount of diagonal stretch for comfortable carrying. The material is super soft, airy and ideal for use in hot and humid climates. Like all Bebe Sachi wraps it comes with tapered ends.
    ~ Superb wrap for newborns and can be worn up to toddlerhood.
    ~ Available in 4 lengths: Size 4 (3.7m), Size 5 (4.2m), Size 6 (4.7m) and Size 7 (5.2m).
    ~ Width: 73.66cm (29").
    ~ Comes with a chic sling bag made from the same material.

    NOTE: This product is exclusively handloomed. There may be small irregularities which is expected in the fabric such as colour differences, uneven weaving, weaver's knots, nubs/slubs, runaway threads etc. These are NOT flaws or defects and does not affect the safety & quality. These naturally occuring variations only makes it special. The level of artistry and intricacy achieved in handloom fabrics are unparallel and unique, which makes it worthy to be passed from one generation to another.

    ~Fabric is washable by hand
    ~Cold wash separately
    ~It should be line dried
    ~Do NOT bleach

    Review: "At 210 g/m2 it is considered a medium thin wrap. It’s squishy blankety soft brand new and very easy to wrap with. What’s not to love about the way it looks with its red/black combo and distinct blue rail? It’s beautiful and classy! Because of the intricate weave, this wrap does have a texture much like that of an Indio that creates a good amount of grip. Having said that, passes slide easily in multi-layer carries. The layers stay put and do not slip around, and the knot does not slip or budge as well! The intricate weave and texture however means that it may be prone to pulls/snags just like indios so do take the necessary precautions. Tested with a 9.5 kg baby in a double hammock, a high back carry was easily achieved. For a thinnish wrap, it was pretty comfortable on the shoulders with no digginess. Like all Bebe Sachi wraps, the tapers are perfect! The width at 29 inches is also a plus point as it creates a good seat for babies and gives you enough fabric to work with when wearing a toddler. This would make a perfect wrap for a squishy!"