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    Bebe Sachi LE - Anggun (Size 2) *SOLD OUT*

    Price:  RM540.00

    "Anggun" (which means “grace created in a dream”) is befitting for this beauty. Anggun paves the way for a new Bebe Sachi line of wraps, which is thicker than our standard line of wraps. There is something special about “Anggun” and we hope that you’ll enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

    ~ This is a Bebe Sachi Limited Edition.
    ~ 100% cotton
    ~ Surface Weight: 345g/m2 (thick)
    ~ Exclusive and luxurious handwoven wrap with special twill weave structure & pattern. A beautiful combination of black, natural and brown colours with distinct halves (half stripey, half plain).
    ~ Newborn and toddler worthy.
    ~ Available lengths: Size 2 (2.7m), Size 3 (3.2m), Size 4 (3.7m), Size 5 (4.2m) and Size 6 (4.7m).
    ~ Width: 73.66cm (29").
    ~ Comes with a chic babywearing sling bag made from the same material.

    NOTE: This product is exclusively handloomed. There may be small irregularities which is expected in handwoven fabric such as colour differences, uneven weaving, mild shade variations, knots, slubs, runaway threads etc. These are NOT flaws or defects and does not affect the safety & quality. These naturally occuring variations only makes it special. The level of artistry and intricacy achieved in handloom fabrics are unparallel and unique, which makes it worthy to be passed from one generation to another.

    ~Fabric is washable by hand or machine wash with a laundry bag on delicate cycle
    ~Cold wash separately
    ~It should be line dried
    ~Do NOT bleach

    * Please make sure your address is correct and that your contact number is included when you place an order!
    * Please see our store policies/disclaimers that are clearly stated under shipping &policies and on our receipts.

    Reviews (as posted on Bebe Sachi Love):
    " The bag that comes with it is so practical! I could not believe it was a 340++ grammer as it does not feel thick at all! At a first glance, a neutral, classy colored wrap, which will fit into any occasion and is daddy friendly too! The weave was really neat, uniform, and not prone to pulls. It is just short of 29inch width wise, thus wide enough for my 4 year old but this is a petite girl (bigger wearees might need a tad more width). I managed to create a good seat and it can cover her well up to her neck. Easy to wrap with, as the wrap is very moldable, passes were easy to manage. I had my DD in a DHTAS first and then in a ruck and it is cushy enough for my picky shoulders. I really love how the wrap moves, it felt as if I’m holding a soft sheet of chain mail, it moves section by section thus you can get neat carries as it molds well. Newbie friendly!"

    “Tester Anggun wrap Size 5. It’s textured but soft. Not bothersome at all. Very supportive. Very cushy. A tad slippery imhho. I would prefer a bit more grip as my wearee is a big kid. Should not be a problem for littles. I definitely need a double knot. The pattern is beautiful. It should translate to grippy and unmoldable but instead it is soft to touch and quite moldable. It must be due to the chevrons. I wish I had a bit more length to try DH in it. It was just a few cms short of tippy tail tying. The bag it came in is to die for! Prettiest wrap conversion slingbag out there! I need matching headbands and whatever else. The pattern is pure genius and very original put together. I would say the nearest this compares to was my unmercerized blossum by khr. The stash picture is to show how fat it is compared to wooly uppy mermadium, COK, farideh and etla. KL today is very warm and humid. Chinese New Year being the hottest time in Malaysia ever since forever. It was bearable. Feels like wearing a didymos sunset azur or moss in terms of heat and such. Forgot to comment on stretch. Stretch is not unlike all hws. Not very stretchy lengthwise but nice diagonal stretch. Do not expect a stretch like khadi, This is NOT a khadi. Have I mentioned we've been spoilt by khadi’s? Nice amount of bounce. I'm a bounce mama.”

    “Anggun. This wrap surprises me. Made me speechless! Definitely a must have. Sz5, DH tied tippy tails. It had a lil grunt to it while doing the passes. Wore it for an hour or so and it was cushy! The only reason I stopped was because my back gave way. My wearee is 15kg ! Stalk for this, ladies!”

    Handmade item
    Materials: cotton, Handwoven, Hand dyed